CHristoph Neumann

My name is CHristoph Neumann and I was born in 1964 in Leipzig. I graduated as Diplom-Ingenieur-Pädagoge (degree in teaching at technical vocational schools) and I am also a certified public relations consulter. Over the last 20 years me and my family have lived and worked in different places. Almost every 3 years we moved from town to town. We worked and lived in the following cities:

  • Leipzig: constantly
  • Berlin: 1989-1992
  • Munich: 1992-2007
  • Moscow: 1996-2000
  • Kiev: 2003-2006
  • Kiev: 2007-2010

Sometimes we as a family lived in 3 towns, resp. 2 countries at the same time. That is why I am conscious of the challenges of moving and acclimatisation in a new living area, also within different civilisations. Particularly for children such changes can become a problem, especially when they have to change schools. This is just the same for your partner because you have to find a good job for him/her as well. And for all it is necessary to get to know the cultural and free time opportunities in order to relax body and soul.

Ines Winter

I am Ines Winter, graduated economist specialized in foreign trade.
Due to the profession of my husband we have moved together with our two sons several times:

  • back in the region: since 2017
  • Luxemburg: 2012-2017
  • Jakarta: 2010-2012
  • Kuala Lumpur: 2005-2010
  • Düsseldorf: 1991-2005
  • Halle: 1989-1991
  • Berlin: 1984-1989

In these parades we were often on our own. We have experienced a lot, but also paid apprenticeship. In 2007, I decided to work actively as a Relocation Consultant in Malaysia in order to help other families with my experiences with such relocations.
My personal experiences regarding new living environments, foreign cultures, lack of communication possibilities due to language barriers and the claim to foreign structures enable me to deal specifically with the situation of our customers.
I understand the expectations and wishes, but also the fears and worries of the families and of each individual, because I have lived through and mastered them myself.

All these experiences flow into the daily support of our customers at REALDOMUS® Relocation & Service.